How can we run same spring boot application on multiple port on the same machine?

How can we run same spring boot application on multiple port on the same machine?


Rahul Kumar (@rahul)

We often don’t need to run multiple instances of our spring boot application on the same machine but learning them would be quite interesting.

I am assuming that you know about spring boot!.  

Why do we need to run spring app on multiple ports?

  • Load Balancing Testing
  • Distributed Computing Testing
  • Parallel developments environment on same machine by different users(Mostly used in small team)
  • Isolation and Versioning

How can we run it?

Using Command Line

First, you need to open a terminal at the root of your application. Once you have opened the terminal type the following. 

      mvn spring-boot:run

You can change 8080 to your desired port number.

Using Random Port

Open and add the following


Setting server.port=0 will start the spring boot application on a random port. You can easily get the port number from logs.

      LiveReload server is running on port 35729
Tomcat started on port(s): 65449 (http) with context path ''

As you can see the port number 65449 has been printed on the terminal. Which can be used further to make HTTP requests. 

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