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3 Free image hosting platforms

Image hosting platforms are the platforms, where you can host the image and share the image with the world. You don't need to host any server, just upload the image using either API/UI.

Table of contents

1. Imgur

The imgur is an American online image sharing and image hosting service with a focus on social gossip that was founded by Alan Schaaf in 2009. The service has hosted viral images and memes, particularly those posted on Reddit.


Price uploads reads
0 10,000 / month + $0.01 each other 100,000 / month + + $0.001 each other

2. Cloudinary

Cloudinary is a SaaS technology company headquartered in Santa Clara, California, with offices in Israel, England, Poland, and Singapore. The company provides cloud-based image and video management services. It enables users to upload, store, manage, manipulate, and deliver images and video for websites and apps.


Storage Bandwidth
25GB / month 25GB / month

3. imagekit

ImageKit has made real-time image manipulation, optimization and resizing across devices really easy.


Storage Bandwidth
20GB / month 20GB / month
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